Success by overcoming adversity and eliminating excuses is a winning combination in the next episode of Deanne DeMarco’s high energy show, “Today’s Inspiring Women.” (


Guest is Karen Gridley who coaches and teaches individuals and teams to think the way they want to act and act the way they want to think. As a former scientist and a Recovering Excuse Maker herself, Karen gives practical tools for business professionals to address everyday life and business challenges. Her clients refer to her as a unique blend of the head and the heart. Audiences gain insights and get into action with her dynamic, personable, down-to-earth, humorous and matter-of-fact approach. She is the author of Embrace Your Rights and the creator of The Recovering Excuse Maker Prayer. Karen partners with professionals from a variety of fields who value work-life balance, personal leadership skills and high-performance to create success in life and in business


Deanne DeMarco will particularly want to know how to stop making excuses, and what are the most common reason’s why we make excuses. Karen will be sharing her TWA strategy that is simple enough we can all stop making excuses and get on with business.


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