Generational Workforce Expert Deanne DeMarco Helps Your Company Create a Business Culture to Stop Millennial Job-Hopping

millennials in the workplace job hoppingDeanne inspires, encourages and challenges your team to put effective strategies into action to improve team performance for all generations in the workforce. The success of her workshops and consulting services is based on her comprehensive study of 3,000 Millennials; Motivation Study of Working Millennials in the Workplace.”

She discovered important aspects of their attitudes about work and their supervisors and how they compare to other generations in your workforce.

Key findings…

  • The #1 Key to Millennial job satisfaction that reduces turnover? Trust!
  • Leader’s ROLEs are changing. Past ways of leading and Managing NO LONGER WORK!
  • And the biggest surprise? It is NOT about the Perks and NOT about the money that KEEPS them working for a company!  It is the culture!

If you’re a corporate executive or HR manager tasked with cutting down Millennial Job Hopping, read The High Cost of Millennials in the Workplace. And click over for insights on the Myths, Misconceptions and Truths About Millennials in the Workforce, including 5 Tips for Working With Millennials in the Workforce.

The Time is Now

How to stop millennial job hoppingIf you want to reduce turnover, stop millennial job-hopping, reduce workplace conflict and gain a competitive advantage, call Deanne today at 708-836-0118. 

The call is free. The results may last a lifetime!

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Great Speaker! I would recommend Deanne and will tell all my friends and colleagues.

CEO, J & J Builders

Deanne is an excellent speaker. She gave relevant examples and put information into context that was very appropriate and relevant to apply immediately.

Acting Deputy Chief, National Park Service

Business Workshops and Motivational Speaking

In the multigenerational business workforce, many companies are looking for ways to bring the latest information affecting talent, collaboration, and cohesive workplace teams into focus…specifically to prepare your company for 21st- century challenges.

My speeches and workshops are designed to do just that. With humor and real-world stories, I create those ah-ha moments that ignite ideas into action.

Organizations today have shifting attitudes, new technologies, and changing workplace demographics, which often lead to gaps in understanding best practices for engagement, collaboration, and creating cohesive work teams. I help you work through the ideas and approaches that are best suited to meet your organization’s changing needs.

A cohort of Generation X and Generation Y ( Millennial) are poised to take control as Baby Boomers finally let go and retire. Yet, Xers and Millennials don’t buy into the rigid organizational practices of old. Generation X and Generation Y ( Millennial) see the workplace and how it is run differently. The changing organizational focus is on context not structure, with attention to empowering people with great ideas to make meaningful contributions.

All my keynote speaking engagements and business workshops are customized to the specific needs and interests of your group. Presentations can be delivered as a keynote of 60-90 minutes or an interactive business workshop of 3-6 hours. For workshops, I have developed a number of fun and popular-group exercises which are designed to encourage participation, a rich discussion, learning and real-world application.


Deanne, I learned the concept and strategy of WOW from your keynote talk years ago. I had to tell you that I am still using it as a part of my personal goal setting and in working with others.  I have found WOW is a powerful and empowering concept, yet simple with short term, quick results. In my work as a school principal and college adjunct professor, I continue to share the strategy and invite others to join in. I totally believe that if you want to take charge of your life, implement WOW and experience the desired results within one week. Thank you, Deanne.

Chicago Area School Principal

Book Deanne today at 708-836-0118.


Deanne DeMarco was excellent!  I enjoyed her session. Great energy, and information. She raised my awareness about how I may solve some of the challenges that I experience with my direct reports.

Director of Career Resources, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board


Don’t Throw Your Money Away… learn how to create the competitive edge with your multigenerational workforce today!

Do You Want …..
  • More Accountability
  • More Trust
  • More Loyalty
  • More Teamwork
  • Less Job-Hopping


Organizations seek out Deanne to:

  • Bridge the Generational Gaps in your organization to improve communication and reduce turnover and stop job-hopping.
  • Up-date management and leadership skills (FYI: The old blah, blah, blah, command and control skills are outdated and no longer work). Managers must learn how to “partner and influence” with today’s multi-generational workforce.
  • Help create corporate cultures where people WANT to work!
  • Improve talent attraction and retention.
  • Decrease team conflict. 
  • Facilitate and develop cohesive executive and project teams, that are grounded in high levels of trust and accountability. Teams that have a focus on bottom-line results. 
  • Business keynote speaker for company retreats, business meetings, and association meetings. 
  • Deanne DeMarco is a Generational and Communication Workforce Expert and generations at work. Helping you to future-proof your business.  

Some of Deanne Clients

Motivational Business Keynote Speaker

USA or Internationally, Deanne Travels out of Chicago

Business Workshop Trainer

All of Deanne’s workshops are developed and customized programs based on specific organizational needs.  As an authority on the changing workforce and generations at work, Deanne helps clients to create a corporate culture where people want to work. Her workshops often focus on developing cohesive teams, reducing turnover, reducing unhealthy conflict, while improving communication, collaboration and accountability.   

Conflcit Mediator or Facilitator

As a conflcit mediator, Deanne works with teams in conflict, departments in conflict, and inter-departmental conflicts (like sales and operations). Deanne has also worked with CRO medical and research groups.

Speaker/ Workshop Leader in Presentation Skills

Speaking in a public setting is often a difficult skill to obtain. Deanne has worked with CEO’s and technical professionals who need to connect with their audience better for meetings and conference presentations. She has also helped Medical professionals with FDA drug trial and kick-off presentations. Helping you “Speak LIke a Pro,”  Deanne will assist with speech construction, as well as speech delivery.

Motivational Women in Business Keynote Speaker

Deanne has interviewed over 200 top female CEO’s and Trailblazers and addresses best practices for women in business. She has been motivating women through her radio show “Today’s Inspiring Women.” On her radio show, Deanne asks each guest for their best tips and advice on how they became successful. The goal of the radio show and Deanne’s motivational speaking engagements for businesswomen is to help the next generation of female leaders.     


Professional Motivational Keynote Speaker & Business Speaker

Leading a multi-generational workforce
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Deanne DeMarco

Training Magazine recognized Deanne’s muli-generational program as a top 10 training program for managers and leaders