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As a Group dynamics and Generational Workforce Expert, Deanne’s career has revolved around helping people break through communication boundaries and workplace roadblocks. She works with CEO’s and business leaders, who want to improve team performance, reduce conflict, stop the revolving door of turn over, and boost the bottom line.

Deanne is a multi-award winning speaker, communication and group dynamics expert. She is known for her high-energy, high-content presentations. Her keynote presentation and workshops are laced with humor and actionable tools for maximum take-away value.

Deanne is a speaker and trainer that clients invite back again and again. She has enough degrees, honors, awards, certifications, and rave reviews to fill a file cabinet. Deanne has become the speaker, trainer or coach of choice for organizations and leaders looking for solutions for today’s changing workplace.

For more than 25 years, she’s worked with managers, leaders and individuals lead more productive teams, and manage more effectively. She has a strong business background with expertise in medicine, hospitality, and utilities.

Her original research on generational workforce group dynamics issues makes her unique. She started studying the new generations while on the  faculty at San Jose State University and presented her first generational research at the Western Regional Communication Association Conference. Later when she left academia, and went into the corporate world she discovered business were having management issues with the generational teams also. Deanne continued her generational research focused on business team dynamics applications. Her continued research on generational workforce issues now spans over 25 years and has covered many issues, such as motivation, employee retention, employee attraction, loyalty, conflict, employee engagement, communication, leadership and management.

Based on her generational research, Deanne was asked by ComEd, a major utility in Chicago to design, develop and implement a program specifically to help managers lead new generational teams. Deanne called her program The Coaching Clinic. That program received rave reviews and saw an immediate return on investment. Deanne was then asked to roll out that Coaching Clinic program to multiple departments, and to their partner company, Peco Energy, in  Pennsylvania. One reoccurring unexpected outcome was the reduction of departmental conflict by 80%. Deanne received national recognition for her generational workforce management team program from Training Magazines Top 100.

She is the premier author and expert on generational communication. She’s been providing insightful solutions in training and managing the changing workforce since 1992. Her on-going research provides clients with leading-edge solutions that drive results.

Through keynote speaking and fun, interactive workshops, Deanne helps participants achieve breakthrough results and soar to new heights. Participants often comment on her unique ability to effectively use real-life stories along with proven strategies and tools that work!

Author of four books, and her articles have been published in over 300 trade magazines and professional journals.

While in graduate school Deanne conducted research in the area of intercultural conflict strategies, which extended across 28 countries and 52 cultures. When the First Gulf War Crisis broke out there was Persian Bashing in the area, and Deanne was asked to step in and mediate the internal diversity conflict issues in several companies in Silicon Valley and at several college campuses in the Bay Area of California. Her Generational research coupled with her conflict background has made her uniquely qualified to provide conflict strategy workshops and facilitate conflict mediation disputes to her clients today. 


Interesting Facts

  • Deanne started her career in the Bio-sciences. Conducting medical research gave her a natural desire of inquiry which transcends to this day. While she loves the sciences, her passion was always centered in helping others find pragmatic solutions for workplace issues. Her last medical research project had significant outcomes. She was on the original three-member team that first discovered the cancer link to secondhand smoke. This work was published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet and nominated for a Nobel Prize.


  • She’s the author of four books and numerous workbooks all focused on workplace issues. Additionally her business articles have been published in more than 300 trade and professional journals.


  • She has served on many church, community and professional boards including ASTD and ASQ


  • Deanne serves her community as a reader for the blind and visually impaired and has lead leadership retreats for her church.

Personal Tidbits

  • My husband John and I love playing bridge and traveling. As an avid photographer, whether on Safari in Africa or on the Beach in Mazatlan my camera is always at my side.


  • As a young girl, my mother introduced me to the work of Agatha Christie,  To this day I love a good mystery. Some of my favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark, Agatha Christie, and James Patterson. 


  • My father, had a great influence on me. Dad was a blind disabled war veteran so my first written language was braille. He was an inquisitive man who would always ask my opinion on a variety of topics and then he would prob for the logic behind my opinion. Then he would ask what would be the logical arguments of those with the opposite world view. Those conversations taught me very early to keep an open mind about people and events.  I also learned from him that all of us has a brilliance and magnificence to share with the world, and that success starts from the inside with believing in yourself.  Many of these lessons continue to have influence on my life today.


  • One of my favorite quotes is “Challenges are simply opportunities with the wrapping still on.” – Robert Marble


She is a member of:

  • National Communication Association
  • National Speakers Association                                               
  • National Speakers Association of Illinois
  • Worldwide Association of Business Coaches


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