Get What You Want and Deserve

Jane Hight McMurry Jane is the author of several books. She is an internationally recognized leadership communication expert quoted in print and broadcast media. Her women's leadership book, Navigating the Lipstick Jungle ranks for two consecutive years in the top 1%...

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Make It Persuasive

Persuasion. Do you know how to make your point or solution persuasive? Persuasive message are every where. During elections we are bombarded with persuasive message to vote for a certain candidate, when looking for a job you try to be persuasive to be hired,...

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Personal Branding

On Today's Inspiring Women Personal branding is one of those topics we don't think about much. Who needs a brand? Of course if you have a business your brand is critical to your success. However as an employee do you also need a brand? Of course. What are you known...

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Responding to Criticism

Criticism. I hate the attacking behaviors of others.  Feedback is great but when others use evaluation vs description, or when others try to control and act superior is enough to make the hairs on your skin stand up. So how does one respond non-defensively to...

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