Entrepreneurs, would you like to improve your bottom line? Corporate Professionals would you like to be seen as someone who can take on greater responsibility, or seen as promotable? If you said yes, then this show is a must listen. As business people we all know that just knowing and implementing business tactics such as marketing strategies, business strategies, and sales tactics is not enough. Very successful individuals and profitable businesses possess something UNIQUE. When you look at this very successful group there is one characteristic that is seldom mentioned. The ability toe connect with others, and form meaningful relationships and the ability to foster those relationships. This week Deanne DeMarco who is a certified executive coach, and leadership trainer will address the five keys to connecting and how to build those meaningful relationships that can help your bottom line and your help you get promoted. Check out Today’s Inspiring Women. http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2182/todays-inspiring-women.  

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