What do you think of when you hear the word affirmation? Reinforcement, contributions, confirmation and typical words that come to mind. When you hear the word affirmation do you think of this word on the personal level or the business level. When I asked people this question they thought personal level. Which begs the question why not on the business level?

What do affirmations do for you? Affirmations tells a person their behavior should be repeated. When you receive an affirmation it makes you feel important, worthy, and a desire to continue doing good works.  Dr Gary Smalley, has numerous documented case studies of couples with marital issues that used affirmations to save their marriages. Denis Waitley, in his work with Olympic athletes such as Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis, used affirmations to give these athletes a positive mindset in competition. In the Child Psychology research we learn that affirmations give a child self-esteem and becomes more focused on personal success as the child matures.

So why don’t managers and leaders use affirmations with their staff? As I go around the country as a keynote speaker, or with my management coaching programs, the number one complaint I hear is “my employees don’t perform the way that they should.”  It amazes me that when I talk about using positive affirmation on what the employee is doing right- many scuff and huff and say “oh, I can’t do that. ”  Why not is my reply!   If you want an employee to grow in their potential, to be better employees, to do good work ….you need to ‘plant the seeds of greatness,’ as Waitley would say.

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Deanne DeMarco is an award winning Illinois Keynote Speaker from the Chicago area. She has won numerous national Forensics and Toastmaster Speaking awards and her management coaching program was recognized by Training Magazines Top 100. 

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