images.jpg Are you a good or a great leader? Leadership is not a fad or temporary activity. Also the challenge to be a great leader is constant. Teams, organizations, groups all need someone to step up and take the lead. Are you going to be that leader? The key question for leaders is how to get people to follow you. Great leaders are able to turn around a failing organization or team. Leadership is the ability to build a relationship with others that creates the drive for successful outcomes.  For a great book on the subject I highly recommend Kouzes and Posners book the Leadership Challenge. Top 5 Practices of a Great Leader

1. Values Driven
The leader is clear on his/her values, and then has the courage to voice and affirm those values to others. Those values should influence all of your daily activities and the decisions you make.

2. Clarity on the Future
What does the future look like. What is your vision? Great leaders know the direction they want to travel, and inspire others to join them on that journey.

3. Change and Challenge

Look for ways to improve. Look for challenging opportunities, and encourage others to stretch to new goals and self-perceived limits.

4. Collaborate
The ability to work with and through others is key to great leadership. At the foundation is trust, and developing the competence in others. The goal is to help everyone win. By being collaborative you build a climate of trust.

5.  Appreciate Others
Showing appreciation to others for their contributions. Great leaders express pride in the accomplishments of others and make a point to tell others and celebrate. They make their people feel  like heroes.