The ability to make wise decisions is a key skill in the workplace and in life. And it is a critical skill for leaders. Everything from  the person you are going to hire, strategies to use, to what car you want ot purchase. Decision making is important.  It would be easy if there was a simple formula for success.  How strong are your decision making skills? Do you evaluate the risks associated with all the alternative choices? Do you try to get to the root cause of a problem before making a decision on a course of action? Do you rely on your “gut instinct” or gather all the facts first? Do you try to brainstorm solutions with others before taking a course of action. The good news there are over 20 practical strategies that a person can use to make good decisions. The bad news I can’t cover them all here. If interested call me and ask about my Making Wise Decisions course.  

Top 5 Practices for Making Wise Decisions

1. Clearly Identify the Problem
Often times the issue or problem is not crystal clear, Make sure everyone involved in the decision is clear on the issues and the objective of the decision.

2. Agree on a Plan
Agree ahead of time on the plan or process for making the decision. Also determine the criteria or key elements of a good decision.

3. Generate Many Solutions
Brainstorm or generate as many solutions as you can. There is a good chance you’ll  miss the mark if you simply adopt the first solution that came to mind.

4. Evaluate Solution Alternatives
This can be time consuming. However objectively looking at each possible solution against the criteria you established will give you a higher quality decision. For example take a look at the risk level of each decision, the possible  consequences of each solution, and how realistic is the implementation of each solution.

5.  Decide, Communicate, and Implement
Make your best choice based on the criteria and solution alternative analysis. Then communicate that decision to all that might be impacted by the decision and implement. (draft a implementation plan)