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Motivating the New Workforce  Tip # 4 for Managers

What do managers need to do to motivate their employees? With four generations in the workplace each generation sees the work differently, they each have different values and even see their managers role differently. So what are managers to do? Just what are employees needing to be motivated to do their best and give 100% every day. One additional problem is that some industries, even with the economic recession are facing retention problems. For examples some hospitals and medical groups are experiencing high turnover among their nursing staff- especially with their newer nurses.This was the focus of a new research study conducted by Breaking-Boundaries, International Inc.  Specifically, what were the motivators that kept employees engaged and what were the demotivators in the workplace that might push an employee out the door?

One tip for managers is to build stronger relationships with your Gen X and Gen Y or Millennial employees. Commitment is very different than it was 20 years ago. While this younger generation is not committed to the organization- they will more likely be committed to you as their manager if you develop a strong relationship with them.  Go to lunch, have hallway conversations, ask for their opinions- it might surprise you. It is a myth that only the Millennials (or Gen Y) want frequent feedback- it will surprise you to know that Gen X also wants frequent feedback. Feedback on accomplishments – positive or negative – is good feedback. An employee wants to know. The more you communicate with your new workforce Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials), the more likely you will build stronger relationships and commitment to you as their manager.

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