Are you ready for the new rules in Management?

“What will management look like when the Millennials take over?”  This was one of the questions I was asked last week during one of the “Generations @ Work”  workshops I gave.  Millennials,  those born between 1981 and 2000, I believe ( based on what I have researched and observed) will be re-writing the rules of management. For the rest of us… be prepared, and it might even be a welcomed changed.


Based on my observations with hundreds of millennials and the thousand + that have been in my research groups I have heard some themes that seem to run true for most of them. This highly educated group is pushing for more collaborative, technology based, and flexible work environments. The work becomes an extension of their values and rewarding experiences while having some fun in the process. This group believes in building great     teams and fostering relationships.

5 Top Tips

1. Collaborative Mindset
Millennials like working and solving problems together.  Creating collaborative partnerships with people they like working with is high on the list. The millennial manager takes pride in developing relationships with employees. So, command and control is out!

2. Flexibility
Millennials will be re-defining this notion. Flexibility in the hours one works, how the work gets completed, and what is worn. Caring less about when and where a job gets completed and more concerned on quality of work and the final deliverable.  Along with this will go a strong work ethic on trust and the ability to be adaptable as the work changes.

3. Transparency
Tell the whole story. They want to be part of the solution, and believe they deserve to be told all the details. They understand there might be some confidentiality issues but sharing information is a growth opportunity and leads to stronger business decisions.

4. This is Who I am.
Just be yourself. Attire is what is good for you. Individuality is important. Who cares if you show up in torn jeans or blue pajama pants.  It is the final  deliverable that is important not what you were wearing.

5.  Get a Life
Being successful in life is just as important as what you do in your work life. Work / life balance is not lip service… it is expected. Workaholics… forget it -including the 50, 60, and 70 hour work weeks.