Improve Workplace Motivation

Many of my clients complain that they struggle with how to improve workplace motivation. They specifically struggle with how to motivate generation X and millennials in the workplace.

One easy strategy to improve workplace motivation with No Cost to you is to use Praise. Baby Boomers, Generation X and now Millennials all complain that they seldom ever get thanked by their boss for doing good work.

Improve Woirplace MotivationThe research findings on this topic are staggering. Study after study conclude that employees who are given praise and recognition from their managers:

  • Have higher morale
  • Achieve better results
  • Get higher satisfaction scores from customers
  •  Are healthier, which mean less absenteeism
  •  Are more loyal to the organization
  • More motivated
  • More Accountable to end results
  • Achieve better organizational results

Giving Praise – As Good As CASH $$$$

When praisePraise Improves Workplace Motivation is given correctly the National Institute for Psychological Studies concluded that praise activates the same part of the brain as receiving cash! The way praise is delivered has a direct impact on it effectiveness.  Praise must be based on genuine achievements. Empty words hold no value and can do harm. If you want to improve workplace motivation… use praise. Below are some ways you can praise others.

5  Quick Tips to Improve Workplace Motivation

1. Listen

Listen and don’t interrupt. Take just a minute to listen to someone and support their ideas. Stay engaged in what he/she is saying. People don’t always want a solution, they just want you to listen. We underestimate how important and comforting it is to be listened to. FYI: listening does NOT mean you agree with their idea, just that you are listening.

 2.Give a Genuine Compliment

Find opportunities to give compliments. Honest and unique compliments show that you care.  Compliment people, even those you do not like!  Everyone has a good idea from time to time or has done something good. Compliment others on something they obviously put some effort into- something they did or developed or maybe a good idea they had.

3. Can I Help You?  

These are four powerful words. Oftentimes just helping with small things goes a long way.  At work, ask if you can get someone a cup of coffee, get their fax off the machine, deliver their mail to them from the mailroom. If you see someone struggling…ask if they might want someone to brainstorm with.

4. Surprise Notes 

This is one of my favorites. Use a post it and put a little phrase of encouragement on it, then leave it in a place the person will discover for example: on their computer, by their lunch bag, or by their keys. These little surprise notes make others smile. As a manager, I often would leave a post it note on one of my direct reports computer screen at the end the day after they went home… so they would see it the next morning when they first got to work. It was amazing how many times that employee would tell me thanks for the note, that it really made their day.    

5.  Just Say Thank You

So, easy.  Does not cost you anything. Just say thanks. I once had a co-worker, Tom, and he’d go around telling folks ” thanks for coming in today.” Sometimes he leave this message on your phone, or on a post it – left on your computer. When he saw that someone was really stressed, or under the gun on a project, he would find the opportunity to leave this message for you. Couldn’t help but make you smile.