“I used to think the people on the hill were different, but they aren’t that different. We all have the same heart that pumps, the same emotions, feelings and desires. There is only one real difference…the motivation to overcome obstacles!”
You’ll hear more insight like the above quotation from my first guest this week, Carolyn Gable. Carolyn is CEO of New Age Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing Inc. It’s a $30 million a year enterprise in Illinois. Its a far cry from her first long-term job, working as a waitress. When the restaurant closed for renovations Carolyn was spurred to move on. Her new position, as a customer service representative at a freight company led a year later to a job in sales and the beginning of a dream.

When the freight industry was deregulated Carolyn took a risk, starting her own freight company at her kitchen table.  She developed innovative ways to lower costs, track freight and offer excellent customer service. She credits her years as a waitress for giving her the necessary leadership skills. Her book, Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress, outlines those skills. Carolyn, has received numerous awards for her business achievements, and is the founder of Expect a Miracle foundation, that supports and encourages single mothers.

Learn more on Carolyn’s website and be sure to tune in to Today’s Inspiring Women this Thursday.