This Thursday at 12 pm PST (2 pm CST) dreams meet inspiration and information with the airing of the first episode of my new radio show, Today’s Inspiring Women. Every week listeners will hear successful women share tips, tools, and strategies they used to become successful. The first episode is titled The Fine Art of Small Talk and Generations @ Work. For this premiere episode, I will be interviewing Debra Fine as well as offering some of my own insights into business. You will learn why small talk is important and how you can use it to your advantage. Debra Fine, a formerly shy, tongue-tied engineer, is now an internationally recognized keynote speaker, trainer, communication expert, and bestselling author. Her Denver based company, The Fine Art of Small Talk, teaches all variety of C-Level managers and stake holders, along with the spouse who is dragged along to banquets and meetings, conversation skills for use at business networking events, conventions and meetings, trade shows, as well as when interacting with clients, customers and patients. Next, I will talk about the four generations in the workplace, what makes them each unique, and what managers need to know in managing the changing workforce. The future lineup will include senior vice presidents, authors, and women who have overcome tremendous challenges to create successful lives for themselves. It’s going to be a fun and informative show, so head over to VoiceAmerica on Thursday!