Positive Feedback Matters

Do you want to boost productivity?

Do you want to improve morale?

Do you want less turnover?

Do you want to improve innovation?

Companies spend millions in training and developing employees. Managers spend tons of hours giving performance appraisals, coaching and giving performance feedback? Does any of that matter?

What can managers do to improve productivity, morale, innovation, and decrease turnover?

Give positive feedback for what an employee does right!

A Gallup study of 469 different business units, with a total of 65,672 employees,  ranging from retail stores to large manufacturing found that mangers who gave feedback on an employees strengths showed an 8.9% greater profitability to managers who did not give this type of feedback. Additionally, these employees tended to be better performers. Gallup found that employees who received specific feedback on their strengths  had turnover rates that were lower by 14.9 % than employees that did not receive feedback on their strengths.  This Gallup study also found that productivity was up 12.5 %

Managers need to ask themselves:

” Do each of my employees clearly, specifically know what to do and how well they are completing the tasks given to them.

For more information on how to give feedback that  works go to.voiceamerica.com/episode/73385/how-to-step-up-and-get-noticed-and-giving-feedback-effectively