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Deanne DeMarco designs and delivers customized business and executive education programs based on years of research and experience. Our workshops bring new insights, real-world solutions and skills. The powerful facilitation and rich discussions tackle your current issues that are specific to your organization, department or team. Thereby creating a unique learning experience.

Deanne Offers Onsite Group Workshops and consulting

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Do your coworkers

understand one another?

Improve your team dynamics in 2020 by

helping them discover their behavioral strengths.


Time to Turn Great Potential into Great Performance  
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Leading a Multi-generational Workforce

Covid has changed the way mangers must think about their role. Understand how to adapt to the changing workforce of generational diversity.  Learn what leaders and managers need to change or modify to create a work environment that taps into the strengths of your talent across the generational gaps. This program is based on years of Deanne’s ground-breaking research on generation gaps and generational motivation.  This workshop includes our proprietary workshop materials.  Leading Multi-generational Workshop PDF

Generation Gaps Workshop

Understand the differences and how to be a more effective communicator across the generational diversity in your organization. Regardless of position, this program benefits everyone in the organization. Participants learn how to communicate more effectively across the generational divide and build stronger relationships. This program is based on years of Deanne’s ground-breaking research on generational issues. This workshop includes our proprietary materials.  Generation Gaps Workshop PDF

Productive Conflict  Workshop

Transform destructive conflict behavior into a step-by-step process for conflict resolution. Dig deep to identify those areas of conflict and how to use specific conflict resolution tools to create healthy communication interaction during times of conflict. Understand how to decrease conflict and effectively respond to the uncomfortable and sometimes unavoidable workplace conflict conversations. Learn how to fight fair, and move a heated conflict discussion to a healthy productive conversation.  Learn to curb destructive behaviors so the conflict communication can be more productive, ultimately leading to stronger workplace relationships and results with every generation. This program is based on a research-validated online assessment. Each participant receives precise insights to personalize their workshop experience. Productive Conflict Workshop PDF

Improving Workplace Communication- Talking Styles

Regardless of position, department or function, building productive and effective relationships is key for successful organizations. Explore your communication style/personality style as you learn to appreciate others and the value each individual brings to the organization.  With personalized insights and actionable strategies participants learn how to adapt to others, improve engagement, collaboration, and create an environment where everyone feels valued. * This program can be customized for Sales, Managers, Leaders, or General Workplace. This program is based on a research-validated online assessment. Each participant receives precise insights to personalize their learning experience. Improving Communication Workshop PDF

The Management Experience Workshop

This personalized learning experience workshop is proven to increase the effectiveness of your management role. Deepen your understanding of your natural management style and how your style influences your approach to time management, problem-solving, and decision making. Participants walk away with concrete strategies to help them be more effective in managing others across generations, the styles of direct reports, and how to bring out the best in others. This program is based on a research-validated online assessment. Each participant receives precise insights to personalize their learning experience. Management Experience Workshop PDF

The 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

There are many reasons why teams fail.

There is one proven way to help them succeed.

Your Team CAN Do Better! Cohesive teams are the single most untapped competitive advantage. Harness the power of relationships in addressing Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.   This personalized workshop is an assessment based experience that helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team. This is also an excellent strategic workshop for both emerging leaders as well as seasoned leaders within the organization.   This program is based on a research-validated online assessment. Each participant receives precise insights to personalize their learning experience. A Clear ROI: Make better, faster decisions, Avoid wasting time on politics, End destructive conflict, Avoid spending time on wrong projects and issues, Tap into the skills of all team members. Cohesive Teams are NOT built overnight…. but over time. 

Gain the Competitive Edge! The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team has a simple goal: To help people discover how to build a truly cohesive and effective team. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s internationally best-selling leadership fable The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this assessment-based program focuses on putting The Five Behaviors™ model into practice. Additionally, two versions of the program are available: Five Behaviors Personal Development and Five Behaviors Team Development. The “Five Behaviors Personal Development”  is designed for one individual to learn how to be a more effective team member. The “Five Behaviors Team Development” is designed for an intact team ( for example an executive team or project team). Both are equally valuable in helping teams achieve greater effectiveness and productivity. Five Behaviors PDF

From Boss to Coach

Driving employee engagement and accountability starts with learning how to coach employees, using a business coaching model. Once you learn how to coach and ask “Power Questions” it will change the way you lead forever. Coaching increases employee engagement, productivity, and self-problem solving, while reducing stress and conflict conversations.  The old-school management approach no longer works. Today’s employees respond to a “partner and Influence” management style, and learning non-directive coaching techniques is the key.  This highly interactive program is based on Deanne’s Coaching Clinic which was recognized by Training Magazine’s Top 100.     



Once the workshop is over, Deanne offers several options for a followup to drive the message deep into the organization or specific team. Please call the office to discuss a unique program for your team or organization.  Please call 708-836-0118 for more information.

You can Deliver: 
You can now deliver some of our most popular programs within your organization. Ideal for companies with in-house trainers. Customized train-the-trainer programs are also available.   


The following are available:

  • Improving Workplace Communication Workshop- This is a 1 (one) day workshop
  • Productive Conflict Workshop- This is a 1 (one) day workshop
  • The Management Experience Workshop- This is a 1 (one) day workshop
  • The Leadership Team Workshop- This is a 1 (one) day workshop
  • Sales Team Workshop- This is a 1 (one) day workshop

Personalized Consulting:

Some organizations need assistance with departmental or interdepartmental issues. Deanne will first do an analysis, and identify the root cause of the problem. Deanne will then develop a unique program specific to your situation. 

Assistance typically centers around: 

  • Department, team or interdepartmental conflict
  • Creating a corporate culture where people want to work
  • Leading through change


Online Workshop Webinars are also available

Our webinar teambuilding sessions are delivered in a 90-minute format. These workshops are a cost-effective option when you have virtual teams, need a single focus learning, or don’t need a full-day onsite facilitation.  Each webinar uses an online assessment instrument for personalized learning.  

  • Enhanced  Communication Among Team Members 
  • Reducing Interpersonal Conflict
  • Reducing Customer Conflict
  • Improving Sales Performance



Deanne is a certified business coach, and a certified business coach instructor.  She received her RCC – (Registered Corporate Coach) – and RCCI  (Registered Corporate Coach Instructor) designation from the World Wide Association of Business Coaches.

Click here to read Deanne’s article Deliver Results Through Coaching.

* Workshops are customized, providing individualized attention to learning solutions that fit your business. 


* All workshops leverage best practices and learning experiences .

* Workshops use a highly interactive delivery format: using case studies, rich discussions, assessments, with pragmatic take-aways.  


Deanne’s coach training is excellent; our managers are able to ask more questions, using an asking rather than a telling communication process. Results have been outstanding. Deanne’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious.

B. Eison

VP Call Center, Peco Energy

I felt your management skills workshop was excellent; it was very well written per our conversation of expectations and very well presented.  A perfect starting point to our management development. Many managers told me how much they liked the presentation and it definitely has them thinking of ways to improve their communication/management skills, me included. I hope we can have you come back again!

D. Kutchenriter, SPHR

Human Resource Manager, Usinger, Inc.

Professional Motivational Keynote Speaker & Business Speaker

Leading a multi-generational workforce
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