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Generation Gaps:

Manage and Communicate Effectively

by Deanne DeMarco

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Great Speaker!
I would recommend Deanne and will tell all my friends and colleagues.

CEO, J & J Builders

Deanne is an excellent speaker. She gave relevant examples and put information into context that was very appropriate and relevant to apply immediately.

Acting Deputy Chief, National Park Service

Deanne, I learned the concept and strategy of WOW from your keynote talk years ago. I had to tell you that I amstill using it as a part of my personal goal setting and in working with others.  I have found WOW is a powerful and empowering concept, yet simple with short term, quick results. In my work as a school principal and college adjunct professor, I continue to share the strategy and invite others to join in. I totally believe that if you want to take charge of your life, implement WOW and experience the desired results within one week. Thank you, Deanne.

Chicago Area School Principal

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You’ll Love Deanne DeMarco 


Deanne conducts high-energy, high-content, keynote presentations and workshops.  She speaks to management groups, business owners, organizations, large and small companies, churches, and professional associations that appreciate her customized motivational, content-rich programs.  Deanne is a business professional whose primary goal is to provide substance-rich information coupled with practical tools in a memorable program.  Her diverse background in clinical medicine, utilities, hospitality, and education gives her the unique ability to connect with her audience on many levels. Deanne is an active member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA). 

As a Motivational Business Speaker, this Chicago based keynote speaker is a former Foodservice Manager, Pharmaceutical Training Manager, University Adjunct Professor, and has conducted Clinical Cancer Research.  This Chicago-based motivational keynote speaker has the unique ability to combine substance with practical application tools that ensures that you will receive a memorable, customized program for your next program, business meeting, conference or association meeting.  

Deanne DeMarco was excellent!  I enjoyed her session. Great energy, and information. She raised my awareness about how I may solve some of the challenges that I experience with my direct reports.

Director of Career Resources, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

Top Ten Reasons to Book
Deanne DeMarco
Motivational Business Keynote Speaker

10. Deanne is high energy – it is rumored that her enthusiasm is often contagious and spurs others to take action

9.  Deanne is an Award Winning Speaker and Executive Coach

8.  Deanne’s real life stories and practical tools connect well with her audience

7.  Deanne’s pre-program questionnaire is eco-friendly

6.  Rare chocolate coins and gummy bears often flow from the stage during her lively presentations

5.   Fun, memorable and dynamic are words participants often use to describe Deanne

4.  Meeting planners often invite Deanne back

3.  Deanne’s presentations are content rich and practical

2.  Meeting planners surveyed found Deanne to be engaging, original and easy to work with

1.  Participants tell Deanne that her message has had an impact on their lives and they continue to use her tools and strategies – years later.

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Motivational Healthcare Keynote Speaker?
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Motivational Hospitality Keynote Speaker?
Contact:  Chicago based, foodservice / hospitality / restaurant keynote speaker: Deanne DeMarco

Are you looking for a:
Motivational Pharmaceutical or Clinical Research Keynote Speaker?
Contact:  Chicago based, Professional Keynote Speaker: Deanne DeMarco

Are you looking for a:
Motivational Cancer Survivor Keynote Speaker?
Contact:  This Chicago based, cancer survivor and Motivational keynote speaker: Deanne DeMarco
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Motivational Keynote Speaker or Business Speaker in Illinois?
Contact Chicago based keynote speaker:  Deanne DeMarco at 708-836-0118

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Female Motivational Business Keynote Speaker?
Contact: Inspirational, motivational professional keynote speaker: Deanne DeMarco

Deanne’s Client List as a Keynote Speaker and Business Coach include:

  • Banking Industry (including Thrift)
  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurant / Hospitality/ Foodservice
  • Non-Profit
  • Spa
  • Government
  • Hospitals (including Military Hospitals)
  • Medical – including: Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors,
  • Education
  • Utilities  (gas, telephone, and electric)
  • Hi-tech
  • Associations
  • Churches
  • MLM (multi-level marketing groups and associations)
  • Entrepreneur

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Motivational Business Keynote Speaker notes: motivational business speakers maintain a code of professional ethics in the motivational business speaker industry. Motivational Business Keynote speakers can bring humor or inspiration to a group of people lacking of motivation. Motivational Business Keynote speakers can be inspirational themselves.  If you would like to pursue a motivational business keynote speaker career in the motivational business keynote industry, a coach is recommended. Please contact the best motivational business keynote speaker in the motivational business keynote industry- motivational business keynote speaker Deanne DeMarco.

Professional Motivational Keynote Speaker & Business Speaker

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