This movie was very powerful and noteworthy.  Unfortunately, I believe that many of these practices are still being used today. Prior to the Civil War survival was the name of the game.  The movie clearly show that this man who was thrown into slavery tried to demonstrate his talents, thinking that these talents would be seen as valuable. The movie demonstrated that the exact opposite was true.  He quickly learned to adapt,  to be silent, to not stand out, to hide his skills and talents.

How many of our businesses today are exactly the same. A new worker comes to  a company with high hopes of adding value and showcasing their talents and skills… yet quickly are “whipped” to tow the line. Do as the Master says and not speak up.  Many of our new workforce is eager with new ideas and new ways to solve old problems… yet I hear senior execs say …they need to ” Pay their Dues, They don’t have experience yet to offer suggestions or give advice.” I will also hear that certain companies have difficulty in finding good help… or good workers that want to stay.  I think our new workforce is not willing to spend – 5- 10-15 or 20 years as a corporate slave. Corporate culture is very important today. Companies need to decide … if they want to survive they need to pay attention to the internal culture… is  the culture supportive or directive? Company executives often complain that employees are not loyal …. wake up…. loyalty starts at the top… be supportive to your employees…. only then will you see loyalty returned in kind.