As business people we all know that just knowing and implementing business tactics such as marketing strategies, business strategies, sales tactics and leadership theories is not enough.   Very successful individuals and profitable business.. posses somethings UNIQUE.  The ability to connect with others, form meaningful relationships and foster those relationships.

There are 5 keys for building strong connections.  I will cover  each of these in upcoming blogs.

What is your connector IQ?

Do you look for ways to connect people you know with others you know?

Do you reach out  to people in your network?

Do you listen more than talk?

Do you ask questions to get to know people better?

Do you refer people  you know to others?

Do you systematically keep in touch with other professionals?

Do you have a plan for expanding you network of professionals?

In my new keynote Connections: Building Relationships for Success I address the 5 keys for success.

I also will be highlighting  each in the upcoming blog series on this topic.

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