Who are you meeting at your holiday parties? In order to make the most of your holiday parties be strategic with your conversations. The connections you make at these holiday parties can lead to more business for you next year? Be prepared, plan and be strategic.   Instead of getting stressed out about holiday parties see the parties as a strategic business opportunity.  I recently attended a party as the “spouse.” I didn’t know one person ahead of time. When my husband and I left, I had several leads of people who wanted to do business with me. Be strategic in planning your holiday party conversations then follow up.

Five Tips for Success

  1.  Plan Ahead.    Do you know ahead of time who will be at the party? If so check them out on a social website. What are their interests? Try to find some common area of interest in order to engage in conversation.
  2.  Start with a Few Good Questions.   In order to be memorable, ask a few good questions. It is NOT about you. The goal is to make a few good strategic connections and engage. People want to talk about themselves not hear you talk.
  3. The 30 second Who are You.     When you are asked what do you do…. the elevator pitch is quickly forgotten.  At cocktail parties I typically say who I am and who I help. The goal is to start a conversation, engage and be memorable.
  4.  Be a Giver and Good Listener.  How can you help them? Do you have a free article, information, book, lead or contact for them? Start your strategic alliance by being a giver. By listening to the other person’s needs, only then you can offer the free information that is targeted to them specifically.
  5.  Follow up.  When you get back home enter your contacts into your data base and any notes. Then follow up.  Don’t forget to thank the host for a great party.