Deanne is a organizational expert on the changing workforce, generational differences, author and keynote speaker.
Tip # 1 on How to Manage the Millennials or GenY

You just hired them- now what! Managing the millennials or Gen Y does not come naturally. As a manager you need to understand that following the “excitement of getting hired” the natural progression for the employee is job-place disillusionment.¬† The job details do not meet the unmet expectations of your new Gen Y or Millennial employees. Leaving millennial employees frustrated and often demotivated. With appropriate leadership¬† and management skills this stage will pass more quickly for the GenY or Millennial employee. Here are a few tips from An effective leader needs to communicate clear goals and job perspective. Praise for the millennial’s accomplishments and for making progress. The Gen Y employee needs assurance that’s its “ok” to make some mistakes. The millennial needs opportunities to discuss concerns.¬† The leader or manager of the millennial or Gen Y generation needs to realize that the employee is still developing in commitment and job competence. Often managers think that job commitment and job competence is automatic… sorry- job commitment is developed over time and job competence grows in a natural progression and does not come overnight.

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