In the 1991 movie ” City Slickers” there is a timeless scene between the old wise cowboy, Curly, played by Jack Palance and the city slicker Mitch, played by Billy Crystal. In the scene the old cowboy Curly asks Mitch if he knows the secret of life. Mitch says he doesn’t know and Curly holds up his gloved index finger and says “This.” Mitch is confused and asks your finger is the secret?   Curly says no, “Just One Thing” ” Stick to that…” Mitch ask him, “what‘s the one thing?” Curly responds ‘ That’s what you gotta to figure out.”

If you think about it the greatest people of all time have the ” One Thing” their purpose figured out.
People like Michale Jordon, Mother Teressa, Mary Kay, Phil Jackson. The one thing….their purpose.

At the Chicago Women’s Conference ,  to be held Friday, Feb 1, 2013 at the Willis Tower in Chicago, I  will be presenting  “What’s Your App? How Attitude, Purpose and Priority, Help You to Have a Great Day Everyday.”   During this talk I will be discussing how you can find that “One Thing” … your purpose. I will also inform you on how to leverage that purpose into the success you want to realize. So you can See it, Believe It and start Living it. Hope to see you there.