This week on Today’s Inspiring Women I will be interviewing Kelly Standing.  A women who shows us all how to survive, and always see the positive in life.

Kelly has turned a lifetime of near-death experiences into an amazingly positive outlook on life. Kelly reveals How Her Brushes with Death Taught Her How To Live. Kelly was hanged from a tree by a childhood bully. Hit by a car. Struck by lightning. Died on the operating table. And on top of all that, four of her co-workers were brutally murdered. In the meantime, Kelly has made a name for herself as a speaker and writer. Kelly brings a unique outlook to her coaching as a former hospital chaplain as well. Learn more about Kelly’s exhilarating life at her website and be sure to tune in Thursday, May 23, to Today’s Inspiring Women!

As an executive coach I am always amazed why so many people look at the small negative things in their life as major. Kelly offers a new look on life and success. She is a fascinating women and you won’t want to miss this weeks episode of Today’s Inspiring Women on the Voice America/ empowerment channel at 3EST, 2CST or Noon PST.  If you miss the show, go to the Today’s Inspiring Women Website and listen to her under the radio/ guests tab.