My first guest this week on Today’s Inspiring Women is Dianna Booher.  She will share her journey as a prolific author of more than 46 books. She has won a Cindy Award in the New York Film Festival, and considered a top thought leader and top 100 minds in Personal Development by Leadership Excellence Magazine. She will give us insight into the power of personal presence. How we can use that presence for success. Dianna will address how one looks, talks, thinks and acts are key drivers to personal success. Dianna is very insightful on how to be personally successful. You will not want to miss this week’s interview.

Each week I interview extraordinary and inspiring women who may not be household names but are business and entrepreneurial rising stars. For this show I’m delighted to have one of the best known businesswomen in America share time with me and my audience. So be sure to tune in to Today’s Inspiring Women this Thursday!